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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks: Give Us The Finale Only!

Last night, the three of us drove up to a mall parking lot in Tempe to see the fireworks.  We then walked to a bridge that crossed Tempe Town Lake.  The show was approximately a mile away at Tempe Beach Park.  For standing on a sidewalk, we had a pretty great view.

The show lasted about 35 minutes.  Honestly, it sort of dragged on.  Jessi and I joked that it would bring so much more bang for the buck (sorry for the pun) if they used the same amount of fireworks, but in a 10 minute production.  "Better yet," Jessi said, "wouldn't it be awesome if they just lit everything at the same time?"

For some reason, I envisioned it much like the fireworks scene from Coneheads.


Last night in San Diego, a computer malfunction caused every firework to light simultaneously.  The result wasn't as epic as I had imagined, (I'm sure there weren't any sunburns inflicted) but it was pretty damn cool.

I love the crowd reaction.  You could tell they were thinking, "If that's the opening salvo, I can't imagine what the finale looks like."  I thoroughly encourage you to watch other videos of the event on YouTube.  Kids are crying.  Every car alarm in the Bay area was going off.  It's hilarious.

Talk about a once in a lifetime occurrence.  If it was up to me, every fireworks show would be this majestic.  Could you imagine this over Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland every night?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meet Joey

Two weeks ago, I started volunteering for a local dog rescue.  Ohana Animal Rescue pulls dogs from the county shelter that are on the euthanasia list.  At that point, foster parents will rehabilitate them, and make them available for adoption.  Ohana has adoption events three times per week at a Phoenix area Petsmart.  Starting next week, we'll be holding adoption events at a second Petsmart location.

We started fostering Joey last Friday.  He's a six-month-old wire haired Jack Russell terrier.  He's a sweetheart.  We absolutely adore him.  In just the last three days, he's almost entirely housebroken.  (He pooped on the carpet this morning, but it was right by the patio door.)  Poor guy has an upper respiratory infection, so he's barking like a sea lion.

As I was on my laptop last night, he jumped onto the couch and set his head on my shoulder.  Thought it was the perfect opportunity to get him on webcam.

Monday, July 2, 2012

An Epic Mashup Monday

To be perfectly honest, I had no intention whatsoever to create a Mashup Monday post this week.  Then, I accidentally stumbled upon Go Home Productions most recent track, which happened to debut today.

I have never heard anything like it.  Something so seamless.  So...flawless.  It's one of the greatest tunes I have ever had the good fortune to hear.  So, without further adieu, I present (I Am The) Trampoline (To The Other Side).

My Current Ringtone

Yes.  Believe it or not, I really am 37 years old.

Feel Good Video Of The Day

This is the latest advertisement for Coca Cola.  I've been debating whether to share it or not.   It is truly a heartwarming video, but ultimately, it's to push a soda.  In any event, this clip helped me to regain a little bit of faith in the human race.

Best JW Baptism EVER

The following video popped up on YouTube a couple of weeks ago.  There is no information as to where or when it was taken, but I'm assuming it was during one of this year's district conventions.  Thanks to Chris Fugue for adding Yakety Sax to the video.  It makes it all the more enjoyable.

Now, why haven't any of us thought about doing that before?  Gotta get wet to be part of their silly club.  Makes sense that you have to get wet to get out.  Rinse off all of the brainwashing.



Tomorrow will be six weeks since I started a gluten free diet.  In that time, I have lost 22 pounds.  When I weighed myself this morning, I came in at 300.

Today is the first time in my adult life, 22 years to be exact, that I have been at this weight.  The last time was during my sophomore year of high school in 1990.  It's crazy to think that very soon, within the next day or so, the digital scale will have the number 2 as the first digit of my weight.  I have never seen that before.

This is really hard to believe.  And, all because of gluten.  Wow...