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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks: Give Us The Finale Only!

Last night, the three of us drove up to a mall parking lot in Tempe to see the fireworks.  We then walked to a bridge that crossed Tempe Town Lake.  The show was approximately a mile away at Tempe Beach Park.  For standing on a sidewalk, we had a pretty great view.

The show lasted about 35 minutes.  Honestly, it sort of dragged on.  Jessi and I joked that it would bring so much more bang for the buck (sorry for the pun) if they used the same amount of fireworks, but in a 10 minute production.  "Better yet," Jessi said, "wouldn't it be awesome if they just lit everything at the same time?"

For some reason, I envisioned it much like the fireworks scene from Coneheads.


Last night in San Diego, a computer malfunction caused every firework to light simultaneously.  The result wasn't as epic as I had imagined, (I'm sure there weren't any sunburns inflicted) but it was pretty damn cool.

I love the crowd reaction.  You could tell they were thinking, "If that's the opening salvo, I can't imagine what the finale looks like."  I thoroughly encourage you to watch other videos of the event on YouTube.  Kids are crying.  Every car alarm in the Bay area was going off.  It's hilarious.

Talk about a once in a lifetime occurrence.  If it was up to me, every fireworks show would be this majestic.  Could you imagine this over Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland every night?