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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quote Of The Day - Gay Marriage Is Like WHAT?!

"The government should not force us to ever use our business and use our talents, to go against what we fundamentally believe in.  For example, we would not force a Muslim to participate in a Koran-burning ceremony. We wouldn't ask a black photographer, and force them to go take a picture of KKK event. This is America. And in America, we should be able to live freely and not be forced to support or endorse ideas."
- Kellie Fiedorek from Alliance Defending Freedom, speaking on CNN.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is a Scottsdale, Arizona group of 44 lawyers. While not yet technically an SPLC certified hate group, they have many board members that are affiliated with hate organizations.  Alliance has been getting a lot of media attention recently, because they're the group that drafted Arizona's SB 1062.  SB 1062 is the bill that allows businesses to deny service to individuals (gay folk), based on someone's "sincerely held beliefs".


Every interview that I have read or seen with someone supporting this bill, the person being interviewed has repeated the term "sincerely held beliefs".  It's almost as if it has become some kind of catchphrase that Conservatives use instead of "homophobic".

Okay.  Mini rant over.

So, let me see if I understand this correctly.  Having to bake a cake or provide flowers for this:

is akin to participating in this:

Or this:

What kind of fucked up world do you live in, where these are the first two examples that come to mind?  Koran burning and Klan rallies? Why on earth would anyone even do these horrible things to begin with?  Why would anyone force any of their employees, regardless of what their religion or ethnicity is, to participate in something like this?

That would be like....well...forcing one of your gay or lesbian employees to refuse service to a gay customer.