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Thursday, June 20, 2013

......Aaaaaaaand It's Gone

It's two in the afternoon.  I haven't passed out yet.  Guess it's a good day.

I've been having an issue with chronic fatigue in recent weeks.  I generally am up and going between 9 and 10AM.  On most days, anywhere between 4 and 6PM, my body literally shuts down.  Within a matter of minutes, I go from wide awake to having to force my eyes open.  If I don't lay down, the room starts to spin.  The walls go wavy.  It's scary.

I discovered a couple of days ago that I was accidentally taking one medication, thinking it was another.  Instead of taking Pilocarpine, which helps me generate saliva, I was taking two EXTRA Proplanalol a day.  I can't remember offhand what Proplanalol does, but it's used as a blood pressure medicine.  I'm also taking Lisinopril and Clonodine, which are also blood pressure medications.  The Clonodine helps with my Tourette's, and can work as a pain reliever when coupled with the Lyrica I'm taking.  So...long story short (too late), I was taking a total of seven doses of three different blood pressure medications daily.  It's a wonder I didn't die in my sleep.

When you're taking (not including any ibuprofen or pain medication) four dozen pills every day, it's easy to get confused.

Not pictured:  Black tar heroin and the crushed Aderall that I snort in the morning.  ;)

If you told me as a kid that I'd be doing thousands of dollars each month of drugs, I wouldn't picture it like this.  It could always be worse, I guess.  Things have been worse.  I shouldn't complain.