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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Leave Kim Kardashian's Fat Armpits Alone

Do magazines have to resort to this in order to sell issues?

Yes, she gained a few pounds during her pregnancy.  Who doesn't?  Granted, she wore upholstery fabric to the Met Gala.  Probably not the best decision.  But, then again, Kardashians aren't exactly known for making good decisions. Just look at the jackass who's fathering the baby.

But I digress...  Is it really necessary to embarrass a celebrity on the cover of a magazine, because she got "fat" during her pregnancy?   Is that really the best message to be sending to your readers?  You're telling 240 pound housewives that someone will "never be sexy again", because they hit 220 pounds during pregnancy

Keep it classy, In Touch magazine...