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Thursday, November 14, 2013

If You Ever Want Some Honest Feedback

I haven't had my laptop available for the last two weeks, so all communication with the online world has been with my cell phone.

I use an app on my phone called SwiftKey. It learns my writing patterns by evaluating my texts, my tweets, and my status updates. From there, it makes an educated guess at what I'll type, based upon my history.  Many times, I only have to type in the first letter or two of a particular word, and it can guess the next three.  Helps out a lot when I'm having a bad day with the brain fog.

If you ever want to gauge on how things have been going for you, let your phone speak on your behalf. Let the auto fill option type out its best guess for what you want to say.  You might be better off than what you think.

I'm going to let my phone type out the first full sentence on its own, based upon the most common words I've typed into the keyboard recently. Here goes:

"Please contact us at the front of the year of the most expensive artwork ever sold at the Drake concert tickets so I know it's a good time."

So, evidently my phone thinks that I like expensive artwork and Drake.  Perhaps my theory is a little off on this one....