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Friday, December 20, 2013

Things I Need To Remember After Leaving A Cult

My friend Catrina posted this on Facebook a couple of months ago.  She was kind enough to let me borrow it.  There are a couple of items on this list - particularly number four - that I have to force myself to acknowledge from time to time.
Things I Need to Remember After Leaving a Cult
  1. It is a cult…regardless of the name it chooses; it is and will remain a cult.
  2. You are no longer in the cult.
  3. You can only control one outcome while being in and exiting a cult: your own.
  4. You did not leave family behind- you left behind cult members.
  5. You are free to choose a belief system or none at all.
  6. No one will fully grasps what it was like in a cult; do not feel the need to make others understand.
  7. Build a support system- create your idea of a family, and take control of who enters your inner circle.
  8. It is okay to be confused. It is okay to be angry. It is okay to question everything.
  9. Revisit the past, but do not live there.
  10. Many things will trigger memories of your past cult life. Learn to spot these triggers and deal with them accordingly.
  11. Needing mental help is optional. If you need it, then do so. It does not make you weak…it makes you battle ready for the next war over your mind in life.
  12. We attract what we are. If you want good, positive people, be positive to counter the loneliness.
  13. Forgive yourself. It is finished the past, and you paid your dues while in the cult.
  14. Vent. Find safe places where you can release your anger and pain when you need to. You do not have to suffer alone.
  15. Learn to let go. This is the hardest one. It takes time and lots of strength.