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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Photos Leaked (NSFW)

The Playboy magazine featuring Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to be released mid-January.  However, a number of websites, most notably Drunken Stepfather, leaked the entire series of photographs on Saturday afternoon.  Hugh Hefner has announced that he may be putting the issue on shelves next week, in order to keep from it being a total loss for the publishing empire.

Completely unrecognizable.  I thought it was a blond Anne Hathaway.

It is reported that Lohan received $1 million for posing nude in the magazine.  In return, a "source close to Playboy" told TMZ that they would be getting the "holy trifecta"..."boobs, ass and vag".

Lies.  Lies.  ALL LIES!!

Not only did readers not get the "holy trifecta", but Lindsay is so Photoshopped, that between the ten photos in the magazine, it looks like there are three different women posing.

Save your $5.99.

View the entire series of pictures, uncensored, directly from the pages of Playboy, after the break:
The photographer, Yu Tsai, was obviously trying to do a series of images that were reminiscent of the December 1953 issue of Playboy, featuring Marilyn Monroe.  Lohan previously posed nude as Monroe for the February 25, 2008, issue of New York Magazine.  I, for one, liked it.  I was not impressed by Playboy's offering:

At photo number four, the makeup department switches wigs.

Switches wigs again...

Then, in the tenth and final image, Lindsay inexplicably has new areolas.  If you look at any of her previous nude pics (see link for 2008 Marilyn photos above), you'll notice that she has always had very small, light, almost non-existent nipples.  Even in the photos in the Playboy series, her breasts have been consistent.  Suddenly, it's as if the magazine's editors have cut and pasted someone else's breasts.

One other photo was leaked from that afternoon...

This appears to be the only photo that has surfaced from the offices of Playboy Enterprises that has not had hours of Photoshop applied to it.  When you look at a photo of her from last weekend, it's easy to spot nearly a dozen areas that were magically erased with the click of a mouse.

Tattoos.  Moles.  Large freckles.  A navel piercing.  All gone.

Her photo shoot was completed around October 22nd.  This is what she looked like ten days earlier, on the red carpet in Hollywood.

Look closer...

And check out her hands...

A million dollars, huh?  For the most abused 25 year old celebrity body on the planet?  Tell you what, Playboy.  Why don't you write up a contract for Miley Cyrus to appear in your magazine in 2018?  I'm sure the world will just be chomping at the bit to see her naked when she hits 25, years after her multiple drug overdoses, failed stints in rehab and the occasional unwanted pregnancy that the paparazzi never got wind of.

Thanks, but I'll pass.