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Sunday, December 4, 2011

We're Moving!!!

Oh.  And, that isn't me singing.  I just couldn't find the original intro on YouTube.

We signed the paperwork on a new apartment yesterday.  We move Christmas weekend.

Why the rush?

Long story short, living in this complex has become unbearable.  We first moved here about a year and a half ago.  We were trying to save some money, so we moved into a one bedroom apartment.  Lennon has a bed where the dining room should be.  It's tight, but, for the most part, it works.

Little did we know, that our next door neighbor was a whore.  I'm not just calling her that.  She was a bona-fide escort.  Every 45 minutes, between 9PM and 5AM, a different gentleman would be coming up the stairs. Generally, we wouldn't have an issue with that, except for the fact that we had a two year old.  And, occasionally, her pimp would kick in her door and beat her.  She eventually got evicted, after the police were called to her place six times in the course of 72 hours.  Good times.

Then, last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I'm on my way to pick Jessi up at work and I call our neighbor who is watching Lennon.  She lives about thirty feet down the sidewalk from us. The neighbors to her left got in a fight and the female in the apartment was thrown down the stairs.  Cops were called.  Neither of them have been seen since.  I have a feeling they're both still in jail.

Then, Thursday afternoon, the apartments to our babysitter's right get moved into.  They're halfway houses for mental patients.  The residents have signs around their necks saying something to the effect of  "Please don't look me in the eye.  Don't touch me.  Don't talk to me.  I'm mentally unstable."


There are a team of nurses visiting these people every three hours.  Also, there is another bank of apartments rented out to the same facility immediately next to the complex's playground.

Don't get me wrong.  I understand that people with mental issues have to live somewhere, too.  Hell, I have mental issues.  But, if someone is so mentally incapacitated that a team of three nurses are visiting every three hours...on the clock...then shouldn't they be somewhere else?  Is my three year old daughter really safe in this complex any longer?

It's time to go.

We found a very lovely two bedroom apartment in a great neighborhood.  You know it's a good neighborhood if there isn't a 7/11, a Church's Chicken, a Popeye's, or a Walmart within five miles.  We're increasing our square footage by almost 500 square feet.  Tons of storage space.  We now have two bathrooms (Thank you baby Jesus).  Ceiling fans in the bedrooms.  Covered parking.   It's a corner unit in the back of the property, so we'll have a lot of privacy.  Most importantly, for me anyway, it's on the first floor.  The complex sits in probably the best school district in the Phoenix area, so Lennon will be able to go to one of the top elementary schools in town.  Best of all, we're only looking at a little more than a hundred dollars a month than what we're paying for rent, now.'s only a mile away from where Jessi's work will be moving to early next year.

It's perfect for us.  In every way possible.

With that said, what is everyone doing on the weekend of the 23rd?  Could I interest you in some pizza and egg nog?  


KrystlZ said...

I am so excited and happy for you guys!!!!!

And I will totally help you move :-)

Bright and Shiny! said...

Great news!

Anonyvox said...

I ain't braggin' when I say I am the single greatest mover on the planet. But I'm afraid I have other plans that weekend. Congrats on the new place!

Rachel said...

Congrats on "Movin' on Up!" hope it goes well. Sorry I can't help, but I'm sort of in another state, heh.