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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father Of Mine

Father's Day has always given me mixed emotions.  In the last four years, the day has taken on a much brighter tone than it used to, now that I'm a father myself.  Otherwise, it has always been sort of a "What's the point?" kind of holiday.

My father (and his father before him) were of the "sperm donor that never went away" variety.  I have no real memories of my dad, other than seeing him, night after night, lounging in the living room:  His beer belly hanging over cheap gym shorts.  His only interaction or interest in me was to discipline me.  The only thing he taught me in life was to NOT be like him with my children.

So, this song is for you, pop.  Go fuck yourself....


ThoseDarnPickles said...

You've become so much more of a father than yours could ever dream of being. I love you so much!