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Monday, June 11, 2012

Video Diary - Four Weeks Gluten Free

Hey everyone.

Thought I would record a quick video to document my progress.  I've recently discovered that I'm also lactose intolerant and that my neurological symptoms return when I ingest MSG.

It has been 27 days since I started on my gluten free regimen.  So far, I've lost 18 lbs.  I'm a couple of pounds shy of my goal for the month, but I'm in better physical and psychological shape than I have ever been.  As I feel better, I have been increasing the amount of exercise I do each day.  That can only help more.  Wish me luck.

Warning:  NSFW (Language)


Rachel said...

The difference is just amazing! You sound so much more alert and happy. I have issues w/ MSG too. DON'T EAT KFC! It is soaked in MSG and then has MSG in the breading (which you prob can't eat anyway) and it makes me so ill. Sad because it used to be one of my favorite horrible things to eat. Congrats on 4 weeks! And happy belated birthday!