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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Don't Get It

From a man's perspective....  Compared to some of the other options available to choose from when considering People Magazine's 2011 Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper is a fucking troll.  What?  Was The Situation unavailable for a photo shoot that day?  Really?  Bradley Cooper?  Just off the top of my head, I could name 7 men that were more deserving of the title.  In fact, let me do so.

1.) Chris Hemsworth 

Have you seen 'Thor'?  For the most part, it's a shit movie, but let me tell you, Chris Hemsworth IS the god of thunder.

2.) Idris Elba

Known for his role in HBO's 'The Wire', and on BBC's 'Luther', he also had a role in this year's summer blockbuster, 'Thor'.

3.) Chris Evans

Personally, I think his sex symbol status is long overdue.  After side roles in 'The Fantastic Four' and 'The Losers', which I highly recommend, he is finally starting to get major roles in blockbusters like 'Captain America'.  He'll also be teaming up with Chris Hemsworth next year in 'The Avengers'.

4.) Robert Downey Jr.

Sure.  I'll go there.  If People will give the title to George Clooney and Johnny Depp twice apiece, why not give Downey a chance?  I have had a man crush on him for a decade (or more).

5.) Tom Hardy

Yeah.  No comment needed.  Just look at the man.

6.)Michael Fassbender

He played Magneto in this year's 'X-Men: First Class'.  This Irish heartthrob is set to play a sex addict in 'Shame', slated to be released on December 2nd.  It has been rated NC-17, due to it's graphic sexual content.  Count me in.

7.) Ryan Gosling 

Look at his face.  He knows it.  We know it.  People fucked up.  Buzzfeed even goes so far as to prove, scientifically, why Ryan Gosling is sexier than Bradley Cooper.  But we need science?

Bradley Cooper was tied to the remake of 'The Crow' at one point.  Recently, negotiations on the role fell through.  Based upon pictures released from the studio, THANK FUCKING GOD!  

It's Bradley Cooper as the reincarnation of Chris Angel.
Advocate Magazine is gushing over the news of Cooper's new title.  Obviously, they're forgetting about his most notable work as an actor. 



Anonyvox said...

Oh, Chris Hemsworth. Lovely, lovely Chris Hemsworth. If I die young, I hope I come back as a skin mite living on his perfect man chest. I know that's kind of disgusting, but it's probably the best I can hope for.

Bradley Cooper is okay, and I have to say that I completely DO NOT GET the whole Ryan Gosling thing. He's okay, and he looks nice with his shirt off, but what's the deal? No comprende.

Gerard Butler is the best looking thing I have ever seen in my life. I wish he wasn't such a stupid man whore. Anyone who has boffed an Olson twin and Lindsey Lohan has the intellect of the aforementioned skin mite.