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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Security Worker At Zuccotti Park Fired For Homophobic Slur

Unless you're a fan of the Howard Stern Show, you've probably never heard of Joey Boots.  That is, not until this week, at least.

While filming at the newly vacated Zuccotti Park yesterday, a security officer taunted him, on camera, saying, "Your fly's open, faggot".

Little did the security officer know that Boots was indeed gay.  He came out on the Howard Stern Show in June of 2007.

Chalk this one up to the power of social media.  Within 24 hours, the video went viral, and many online news sites carried the story.

Today, the guard, who was employed by Brookfield Properties (the owners of Zuccotti Park), has been fired.  According to Matthew Cherry, a spokesman for Brookfield:
"His comment was offensive and inexcusable, and we have a policy of zero tolerance for such behavior. In accordance with our code of conduct he's been terminated from his work with Brookfield."
When pressed for further information, Cherry confirmed that he was a security subcontractor, but refused to comment as to whether a contract was still in place with his employer.

Looks like the guy has more in common with the demonstrators than he thought.