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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Hotdog, The Hallway, And 19 Reasons (And Counting) To Vote For Obama

I saw this coming a mile away.

Guess who made an online ad in support of Rick Santorum?  The Duggars.

You know the Duggars.  They're the professional breeders in Arkansas that TLC employs, as long as the Jim Bob and Michelle keep adding to the litter.  Two weeks ago, they recorded a three minute video in support of Santorum 2012.

It's unflatteringly (is that a word) honest.  The script in the ad is practically, "Rick Santorum believes a woman's place is barefoot and pregnant.  Rick Santorum hates gay people, blacks, and Mexicans."  It doesn't help that the 19 children in the commercial are, for the most part, mentally deficient.  The majority of them have trouble reading the cue cards.  I know that god supposedly commanded Noah to "populate the Earth", but it doesn't say anything in the Bible that they have to be uneducated and contribute nothing to this planet.

The Duggars aren't the only freak show to endorse Santorum.  The Bates family from Tennessee has also backed him.  They just had their 19th child last month, matching the Duggars for the largest family in the U.S..  Oh..they also have their own TLC show coming up.  In recent weeks, they've been appearing alongside the Duggar family at Santorum's campaign stops, taking the stage to form some bizarre Evangelical super group.  With the Duggar and the Bates vote, Santorum has already clinched 32% of the electorate.  That's like...2.4 million voters.

I can't make this shit up...
And, is it just me, or does Kelly Jo Bates look an awful lot like Michelle Duggar?  If it weren't for the fact that no one woman could have that many kids, I would almost guess that they're the same woman.

What is it with Evangelical women and THAT fucking hairstyle?
Michelle Duggar has been making waves in the last week after an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network grabbed journalist's attention.  In the interview, she called the threat of overpopulation is "a lie".  She claimed that you could take the world's population of over 7 billion, and fit them within the city limits of Jacksonville, Florida.  Yahoo points out that, even with an area of nearly 885 square miles, that would create a population density of approximately 8.5 million people per square mile.

What Duggar fails to realize, is that overpopulation is not an issue of how many people you can cram onto the planet.  It's a matter of whether or not the Earth can sustain of people on it.  In 2009, Dr. Charles A. Hall called the overpopulation of the Earth "the only problem".  He even went so far as to say that if there were only 10 million people on the planet, "no others would be a problem".

Here's the interview in question, filmed in May of last year:

Homeschooling for the win!!


kate said...

Sweet jezus. This is scary on so many levels!