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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Introducing The Bipartisan Bunny

The description:
"We all know that Conservatives and Liberals do it differently. Babeland’s Bipartisan Bunny brings you the best of both worlds—this talking vibrator can satisfy the urges of everyone, no matter your political viewpoint. Your vibrator comes with two different modes—red and blue—which are pre-programmed with different sayings: The Blue Mode will get the Liberals hot, the Red Mode will turn-on the Conservatives. Since Independents go both ways, they can try it all and make up their mind in November. Not happy with the Bunny’s sweet promises? No worries, your vibrator also comes with voice-recording capability, so you can program your toy to say the things you want to hear!"
This political themed vibe can be purchased at Babeland, while supplies last.


Twitch said...

Yes. It's an April Fools post.