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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adele's GRAMMY Performance That DIDN'T HAPPEN

Over the last 24 hours, a clip has gone viral of GRAMMY winner Adele allegedly singing 'Someone Like You' to the crowd gathered at the Staples Center, during a commercial break.  During the song, the words have been changed to be called 'Someone Like Newt', seemingly slamming the Republican presidential candidate.

Personally, I have seen the video featured on more than a half dozen political blogs this morning, as well as dozens of status updates on my Facebook page.

It's fake.  100% bogus.  As much as I wish it wasn't, I hate to say that this is a hoax.

Here is the video that is being passed around today.  So far, it has nearly 50,000 views.

The video was released by Venga Productions, a YouTube user that has been posting politically based musical parody videos for the last four years.  The video itself is edited from the 2011 Brit Awards performance of 'Someone Like You'.  Watch it here.

If you saw Sunday night's GRAMMY telecast, it would be easy to spot the differences in Adele's makeup, hair, and facial structure.  It would be even easier to spot the fact that the stage featured in the "Newt" video didn't exist.

While I can understand the average person forwarding the video, if nothing else, for entertainment value alone, I cannot comprehend why bloggers and journalists with millions of readers would pass this along as "truth".

I despise the Republican party as much as anyone else.  I also believe in integrity.

It took a matter of 20 seconds and one YouTube search to determine that this video was a hoax.  Check for yourself.  Go to YouTube, and search "Adele GRAMMY performance 2011".  The first result will be the video from the Brit Awards.  Search "Adele grammy performance 2012".  It's the second one down.  This is her ACTUAL performance from Sunday night's ceremony.  You'll see that it's an entirely different woman singing.

Writers:  If you're going to call yourself "journalists", do some fucking research before posting every salacious video on your website.  It's about informing people, not page hits.