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Monday, October 25, 2010

Three Gay Men Attacked Outside Denver 7-11

Over the weekend, three gay men were attacked while standing outside a Denver area 7-11.  One suffered a concussion, while another has a broken jaw in two places.  Police are looking at surveillance footage to determine suspect information at this time.

This story hits close to home for me.  I used to stop at this same 7-11 every morning on my way to work, when I lived in Denver.  It's one of the closest convenience stores to Capitol Hill, Denver's gay neighborhood, and is one of the few convenience stores between Capitol Hill and Interstate 25.  This store gets a ton of gay traffic, or at least, it used to.  For early morning commuters, this was one of the few stops for coffee and a donut.

This happened in a part of town where gay people felt safe.  It was close to home for a lot of them.  It was walking distance to the clubs.  Now what?  I'm saddened and disgusted.  Here is Denver's local 9News' coverage of the beating: