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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Introducing Sluts For Obama 2012

In recent weeks, the television and internet has been inundated with news regarding women's health and reproductive rights.  

It all started (this most recent battle anyway) earlier this month, when Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke a slut, after she was barred from testifying before a congressional panel on the issue of contraception.  Since then, nearly 200 companies have pulled their ads from his radio program.  

Then, Virginia passed a bill effectively mandating state-sanctioned rape by trans-vaginal wand.  Protesters of that legislation were met with assault weapons and officers in riot gear.

And, earlier today, the Arizona state senate voted down a bill that would allow an employer to fire a female employee, simply if they used birth control against the employer's wishes.

Jessi and I finally said "Enough".

Over the years, the two of us have both been vocal advocates for LGBT rights and marriage equality.  It was time for us to take a much more visible stance on women's rights.  

Two weeks ago, we started Sluts For Obama 2012.  It's a way to provide information on the issues concerning the GOP's war on women.  As we approach closer to November 6th, it's also an avenue to promote and encourage voter registration.  The way we see it, if 99% of American women have used birth control, we're all sluts.

Women have a right to healthcare.  When an employer's health insurance covers Cialis and Viagra prescriptions for their male employees, but refuses to pay for contraception for their female employees, it is immoral.  When politicians find it acceptable for employers to pay for prostate exams, while defunding women's clinics for procedures like mammograms and pap smears, it is immoral.  When a candidate for the President of the United States goes on television, and proclaims that a vaccine, designed to prevent cervical cancer, makes little girls mentally retarded, that's just plain ignorant

Wake up, people.  It's 2012.  We're no longer in Salem, MA, circa 1692.  Women are no longer considered livestock.  They're not expected to be in a subservient position to their husbands.  Women's healthcare is not "witchcraft", though to many Republican law makers, it might as well be.  Government is designed to serve the needs of the people, not just old, rich, straight, white men.

Make your voice heard.  Vote.

You can go to Sluts For Obama 2012, by clicking this link, or by clicking the link at the left of the page.