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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reason #2,946 Why I Stopped Shopping At Walmart

Last week, we were forced to temporarily suspend our boycott of Walmart.  They are the only store that sells coat hangers with the shoulder notches in them.  We've been in such desperate need of coat hangers, that we finally relented, and spent $6.00 or so in the store.

It was as if we had walked into 'The Hills Have Eyes'.  My god, I don't remember Walmart ever being this disturbing.

There were easily a dozen people riding around on Rascals, not because they were handicapped, but because they were so morbidly obese they're legs could no longer support their weight.  Nothing was on shelves., food, household items...was dumped in cardboard "troughs".

Saving 13 cents on milk isn't that important to me.  Thanks, but I'll shop at my local grocery store.