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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fox News Calls Maced Protesters "Overly Dramatic" (Video)

Earlier this week, I posted video of a New York City police officer, later identified as Anthony Bologna, macing a group of peaceful women taking part in the Occupy Wall Street protests.  Within the last week, the video of the assault has been viewed on YouTube over 1.2 million times, as well as by millions worldwide on various news programs.

When Fox News add their two cents to the story, they immediately discredit the protesters.  Anchor Megyn Kelly starts by saying that, "I see these women screaming.  It's like they've been shot in the face."  She then accuses them of "playing it up" for the cameras.  Take a look:

Said Kelly, "They've been there all week, and they were looking for publicity.  They got it in the end."

"Fair and Balanced", people.