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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Zombie Boy" Rick Genest "Covers" Up For Dermablend

Rick Genest has quickly become the world's most popular male model.  Since appearing in designer Thierry Mugler's menswear show in January, he was instantly recognizable.  It's easy to see why...

In the following months, Rick has gained notoriety as an inspiration of sorts to Lady Gaga, making a featured appearance in her 'Born This Way' video.

It appears that "Zombie Boy" is branching out in his modeling endeavors lately.  A video has surfaced in the last week starring Genest, that is a departure from his normal modeling work.  In fact, if you didn't know any better, you would initially think that this commercial was filmed before he had any tattoos.  Take a look.

What an ad.

The brand is called Dermablend.  They currently offer three products:  a leg and body primer, a leg and body cover and a setting powder.  It appears to be a three step/layered process.  Each piece of the puzzle costs between $22 and $27.  Altogether for the set, you're looking at about $74.

In 2011, everyone has a tattoo.  Some people are able to hide them.  Others of us simply can't due to the size or location of their artwork.  While many of us cringe at the notion of having to cover up at work, we all know too well how difficult it is to find a decent paying job in today's economy.  

Other cosmetic companies have attempted to market their own "tattoo concealer", and have had little success.    Two years ago, Sephora introduced a product that was modeled by Kat Von D.  Photos later surfaced of Kat wearing the makeup, without a substantial amount of Photoshopping.  

This is how Sephora's ad campaign wanted you to believe their product worked:

This is what it really did to your skin:

Those aren't chemical burns.

On the surface (no pun intended), Dermablend seems to be the real deal.  According to Dermablend's site, their team used four 3.4 ounce tubes of leg and body cover to conceal his artwork.  The entire process was filmed in one take. 

Genest is taking advantage of the avenues that this cosmetic process is affording him.  Earlier this month, using the Dermablend products, makeup artists were able to create a "Zombie Boy 2.0" if you will, for a layout in Schön! Magazine.  The results were stunning.

Going beyond the cover, indeed.  What a beautiful man.


Anonyvox said...

That is super cool! I've used Dermablend before when my acne was horrific. I felt like it was probably too heavy for everyday use, though.

Genest is quite handsome. Watching that, though, I wonder if he ever smiles. Is he always "in character," as it were?