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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Having A Hard Time Getting Motivated Today

I have been M.I.A. for the last two days.  Jessi is off from work on Friday and Saturdays.  With recent events, we spent most of the weekend sorting things out and trying to spend as much time together as a family as we could.

Last week, I tripped over Lennon in the living room, and fell into the couch.  I don't know if I twisted or bent my back, but it certainly feels like things are worse.  I have some residual nerve damage through my arms and hands.   It feels like I have I have knives opening up the outside muscles of my forearms.  It's extremely painful.

At the moment, I'm hopped up on Soma and Dilaudid.  Soma usually gives me nightmares if I take it before bedtime.  I have never tried the medication while awake.  It does a decent job at easing the pain, and an amazing job at making me care shit less about anything.

It may take a few hours or a day or two to get back into the swing of things.