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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In Lieu Of "Mashup Monday"...

...I thought I would recommend a short documentary about my favorite mashup artist.

I have posted numerous articles about Gregg Gillis over the last two years.  Gillis, who goes by the moniker Girl Talk, is an icon on the mashup scene.  He gave up a lucrative career in biomedical engineering in 2007 to pursue music full time.  If you take the time to listen to him, you can easily tell that he takes an engineer's approach to his craft.

Gillis plays no instruments.  He's not a DJ.  He doesn't use vinyl or CDs.  His tools are a Saran Wrapped laptop, and the limits of his imagination.

Regardless of your tastes in music, take five minutes of your time to listen to his work, and you'll consider yourself a fan.

Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker behind 'Super Size Me', has a new weekly program exclusively on Hulu called 'A Day in the Life'.  On the program, he follows someone, generally a different celebrity, for 24 hours, to give you a glimpse into their life.

In one episode this season, a crew followed Girl Talk as he prepared to headline a show at a music festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Here is a short clip.

Unfortunately, you can only view the full program if you have a Hulu Plus subscription.  I watched it on Sunday afternoon, and it was amazing to see how complicated some of his shows became.  He has to prepare as many as 400 samples in advance, and plan exactly where to place each one within a 45 minute performance.  There is a clip of him practicing on his tour bus, and it's simply mind boggling.

You can view the program here online.  I recommend watching it for any fan of music.

You can also download a copy of Girl Talk's latest album, 'All Day', here.