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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dating Tip Of The Day

Let's say that you have just started dating someone, and you would like to make an impression on them that they'll never forget.  What can you do to make a date memorable?

There are many restaurants that still make a big production when it comes to celebrating your birthday.  Take advantage of that.  Even if it isn't your date's birthday.

When you give the hostess your name and party size, tell her that it is your date's birthday, and that you'd really like them to do something to make it memorable.  Or, during dinner, excuse yourself to go to the restroom, find your waitress, and do the same.  Tip:  ALWAYS TELL THE RESTAURANT YOUR DATE IS YOUNGER THAN SHE ACTUALLY IS....SHE'LL APPRECIATE IT.

Later in the meal, depending on where you are dining, your server will bring a nice piece of cake for the two of you to share.  Some places, like Red Robin or Applebee's, will have their entire staff come to the table, clapping and singing as loudly as they can.

It's always best to know ahead of time how your date handles embarrassment.  If they're the type to blush and play along, that's great.  If they're the type to insist that it isn't their birthday, and demand to speak with a manager, maybe it's best to try this with someone else.

Six years ago, I tried this on the second date I had with a girl.  We went to Red Robin.  I told the waitress that my date's name was "Nadia", and that it was her birthday.  After our dinner, about 9 servers came to our table.  Our waitress shouted, "Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please?  Today is Nadia's birthday.  Let's have everyone here wish her a happy birthday."  Then they sang her a ridiculous birthday song, and gave her a sundae.  As people left the restaurant, they stopped by our table to wish Nadia a happy birthday.  She was purple from embarrassment by the time the check came.

So, did the date leave an impression?

I asked her this morning as she was putting shoes on our daughter's feet.  She said it did.  Our first date was six years ago today.  Something went right.  I'd like to think that the birthday game had something to do with it.