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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Herman Cain Leading GOP Polls, Sarah Palin Has No Idea Who He Is

Surprising news for the Cain campaign this week.  First, Herman Cain walked away with a win at the Florida straw poll on Sunday.  Taking nearly 40% of the vote, he won by a double digit margin over Rick Perry and Mitt Romney - the front runners of the Republican presidential race.  In modern political history, the winner of the Florida straw poll went on to become the Republican candidate chosen the following year at their national convention.

Then, on Monday, Zogby released a national poll amongst primary voters.  Again, Herman Cain was on top.

Another double digit lead ahead of Perry and Romney.  Some say that people are intrigued by Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan.  Coincidentally, the "9-9-9" is also the name of a specialty pizza available at Godfather's (joking).  Others say that the bickering between Perry and Romney have cost them their leads.

Does anyone take Herman Cain's chances seriously?  Take a look at this.  While complimenting him a couple of nights ago on Fox News, Sarah Palin called him the wrong name not once.  Not twice.  But five times.

Excuse me, Sarah.  It's HER-MAN CAIN.  Say it with me.  Her.  Man.  Caaaaaaaaaaain.

I realize this may just be an underhanded way of Palin trying to divert attention away from potential competition.  Later in the same interview, she was speaking as to whether she has made up her mind about running for President or not.  She actually had the balls to say that she believes she has more power now than what she would as President of the United States.

I also realize that Sarah Palin is an absolute moron.  This is the same woman that tried to re-write the story of Paul Revere.  If she doesn't have a teleprompter in front of her, there's no telling what she'll say.

Maybe she's so self absorbed, she honestly believes the GOP front runner is named Herb Cain.  Maybe she doesn't watch the news.  It makes sense to me.  George W. Bush was famous for saying that he didn't read the newspaper.  It would only be logical, 10 years later, to have a presidential candidate that didn't read the news at all.