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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Video: Blue Man Group - 'Exhibit 13' (Remembering 9/11)

The world grieved the events of September 11th in different ways.  Performance artists Blue Man Group created 'Exhibit 13'.  Generally known for exciting numbers, 'Exhibit 13' is a somber and haunting piece of music.  The title comes from a piece of paper that was found in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

One of the images of the video is of a partially burnt memo from Cantor Fitzgerald.  When the towers fell, 658 employees of the firm, located on floors 101-105 of Tower One, were killed.

It didn't occur to me until months after seeing the performance, but the rate at which the pieces of papers fall behind the group coincides with the first tower being hit, then the second tower, then their collapse.

A very somber, yet touching memorial.