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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pentecostal "Prophet" Updates Facebook Status In Tongues?

Note:  This post has quite a few links.  This is one of those "hard to believe" stories, so I have done a lot of research to corroborate what I am writing about.  Pretty crazy stuff (even for me).

Well, there's a first time for everything, I guess.  Atlanta area Pentecostal televangelist, and self-proclaimed "prophetess", Juanita Bynum has made news in religious circles lately.  Not for something she has said, but rather for something she has typed.  On Saturday, August 17th, Bynum was on her Facebook page, praying on behalf of Zachery Tims, head of a Florida megachurch and fellow televangelist, who was found dead on August 12th in a Times Square hotel room.  There is speculation that he died of a drug overdose.  Due to the allegations surrounding his death, Tims will not be recognized at this week's National Baptist Convention.

The questionable status updates started at 6:58PM:

Then a second one:

Then a third:

And a fourth:

Now, Pentecostals are known for speaking in tongues, but this is the first documented case of someone typing out a Facebook status in tongues.  If you take a look at her Facebook page, even her own followers aren't buying it.  In my opinion, maybe her cat ran across her keyboard?  Perhaps, she spilled a Dr. Pepper on her laptop while her eyes were closed in the midst of prayer?  Bynum hasn't spoken publicly of the incident since.  I do know one thing for sure.  Juanita Bynum is a con artist of the highest degree.

Juanita Bynum is famous.  How famous?  When I Googled "Juanita", "Bynum" was the first option that automatically came up.  She owns an empire comprised of a ministry, a publishing company and recording studio, that sells her numerous books, CDs and DVDs to the public.  In something I have never seen before, she also sells her own brand of coffee, as well as her own line of spa products.  I highly recommend going to the link for her spa line.  The picture of herself that is on the page is so disturbing, that it's hilarious. Keep in mind that she is a preacher.

When I first went to Bynum's website, something about it seemed odd.  First, it appeared to strictly be an advertising portal.  You would think that for someone that had a message, a "prophet", a woman of god, there would be some substance to it.  Instead, it's nothing but links buy a product.  Secondly, every image of Bynum is so heavily Photoshopped, that it's as if she appears to be her own granddaughter.  For example, this is the photo at the top of the main page:

This is a photo of Bynum in 2009, at her 50th birthday party, reenacting Tina Turner's role in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (I'm assuming, based on the tiara and sword combo.  What is that all about?).

Until the day before yesterday, I had never even heard of Juanita Bynum, and I could have told you that she was a sham.  After years of a successful career on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and having millions of followers worldwide, it looks like a lot of people are starting to catch on.