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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video: Rick Perry: "Save A Pretzel For The Gas Jets"

Texas governor, and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry has garnered a reputation recently for fumbling during the debates.  He is developing a tendency of losing focus as the night goes on, and inevitably, putting his foot in his mouth.  Some say he's not ready for the office of Commander in Chief.  I think he's "Dubya ver. 2.0".

The clever folks at Bad Lip Reading have compiled a number of clips of Perry speaking on various topics.  They have taken out the original audio, and have replaced it with what it looks like he would be saying if you were reading his lips.  Sadly, I think some of these quotes could eventually be actual sound bites, if not for Perry's handlers.

Personally, my favorite Bad Lip Reading video is a song with Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z.  It's about pizza and broccoli.  Quite funny to hear Jay-Z rapping about ten pounds of peanut brittle.