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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Video: Why I'll Never Work For Corporate America, Again.

I know that Walmart isn't the only one guilty of this.  Nearly every retail company does it.  Most customer service departments do it.  It just bothers me to see companies that act like they can pay someone $9.00 an hour, and take away their dignity in the process.  It's sad, really, because people have no choice but to dance around and chant in front of the electronics department, for their friends and neighbors to see, if they want to feed their children.  And, corporate America knows that.  This little "ditty" is nothing more than an employer's way of saying, "Show me how much you need that paycheck on Friday".


Melissa said...

Good Lord. People actually stand for that?

Twitch said...

I they want to pay their rent, they do. Times are tough. The level of shit people will put up with at work has gone way up compared to what it was just a couple of years ago.

Two or three years ago, I could easily see half of that group saying "screw this", and walking out. But when the unemployment rate is nearly 10%, what are you going to do?

I'm sure some of those people are college educated, and may have been unemployed for months before getting THAT crappy job. But, it's better than food stamps and unemployment benefits. Or is it? LOL.

I used to work for a major cell phone provider. They bought out another big cell company (that started with an A) back in 2008. As soon as the merger was complete, they started treating their employees like shit. They openly had they attitude of "where else are you going to go?". They knew (and we did too) that there were thousands of employees that were facing layoffs that would be more than willing to replace us at half of what we were being paid. And, they knew that we wouldn't be able to find an entry level job making the kind of money most of us were making at the time (60-70k/yr). They had us right where they wanted us.