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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Video: Bristol Palin Gets Heckled While Taping Reality Show

While taping her reality show Thursday night at Hollywood's Saddle Ranch restaurant, America's favorite knocked up, home schooled snowbilly, Bristol Palin, got into a spat with a heckler.  While riding the mechanical bull - yes, the mechanical bull - a voice from the crowd yelled out, "Did you ride Levi like that?".  He then followed with, "Your mother's a whore", and, "Your mother is the fucking devil". (I starting to think this gentleman didn't vote McCain/Palin in 2008.)  Well, when Bristol was finished jiggling her big titties on national television, she straightened her "Empowered by Christ" sweater, and gave that guy a piece of her mind:


I just love how she automatically assumes the heckler is "homosexual".  Have you ever noticed how some people (usually Evangelical Christians or Republicans) use the word "homosexual" like it's a condition that makes you less human?  They refuse to use the terms "gay" or "lesbian".  It's disgusting.

Maybe the guy went a little too far, but it was nice to see someone put that privileged bigot in her place.

Oh, and for the record, Sarah Palin is a fucking the money grubbing, attention grabbing sense of the word.  I think that is something everyone can agree on.