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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Video: KY Airing National Commercial Featuring Lesbian Couple

For years, we have all seen the clever commercials for KY products.  They all vary to some degree, but usually, they feature a heterosexual couple talking about "the big moment".  Well, starting September 5th, "Alex and Emma", the line's first lesbian couple, joins their ranks.  From KY:
"K-Y® Brand has been a longtime supporter of the LGBT community. Since 1998, it has sponsored dozens of LGBT and HIV/AIDS organizations and has also participated at LGBT Pride celebrations and other community events. Gay male couples have been featured in print advertising since 2008 and now the brand is continuing its tradition of support and visibility with advertising that is inclusive of lesbian couples."
Here is the commercial.  Short but sweet.

Why KY Intense?  It's engineered specifically for women.  They like to call it the "Intense Effect".  It has worked on 75% of their test subjects.

I'm curious to see if the commercial will ever see the light of day on primetime television.  If and when it does, I'm sure the boycott police will be in full force.  "Boycott the network that aired this commercial."  "Boycott the program the commercial aired on."  "Boycott every store that KY Intense is sold in."  Great in theory, except KY Intense is sold in every major drug store chain - including Target and the fundie beloved Walmart.

There is only one reason why the evangelical right haven't blown up the airwaves about this already:  This is very low on their radar.  It's not like they're monitoring the advertising campaigns for sex lubricant products on a regular basis.

Dear lord, I hope not.  I'd hate to think that I have something in common with the evangelical right.  ;)